Through the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Mercer University offers majors and minors in journalism and in media studies, as well as a minor in film studies. Students are encouraged to double major and combine their other interests with journalism. Students may also propose individualized majors that combine journalism with fields in the physical sciences, public policy, entrepreneurship, technology, etc. Non-majors are encouraged to work with CCJ and contribute to the work of our partners (the Journalism and Media Bootcamp course is strongly recommended as a precursor to such work).

The latest requirements for the department may be found in the Mercer catalog. The journalism curriculum was redesigned for the digital age with the launch of the Center for Collaborative Journalism. Course requirements, including hands-on time in professional newsrooms, were added—as were unique courses like Journalistic Insight into the Community and Hacking the Media. The graphic below provides a basic overview of the curricular requirements.


journalism at a glance