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Knight Commission on Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy


The time has come for new thinking and aggressive action to ensure the information opportunities of America’s people, the information health of its communities, and the information vitality of our democracy. Information technology is changing our lives in ways that we cannot easily foresee. Critical intermediating practices—journalism perhaps most obviously—are facing challenges of economics, organization, and values. As dramatic as the impacts have been already, they are just beginning. How we react, individually and collectively, to the information challenges and opportunities now presented to us will affect the quality of our lives and the very nature of our communities. The Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy has created what it hopes will be a helpful framework for seizing these opportunities and providing a vision for “informed communities.” Informing Communities is the Commission’s articulation of community information needs and the critical steps necessary to meet them.

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Knight Soul of the Community Report

Great schools, affordable health care and safe streets all help create strong communities. But is there something deeper that draws people to a city – that makes them want to put down roots and build a life?

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